Classic to Canvas (QTI 2.0) Converter

Select the Axio .CSV file(s) you wish to convert into the Canvas QTI format.

Single File: If you only convert a single file at a time, it will be downloaded as a single .zip folder with the same name as the file you uploaded (check your Downloads folder). Do not unzip this folder.

Multiple Files: If you convert multiple assignments at once, they will be zipped into a folder labeled "BATCH_OF_#_ASSIGNMENTS" before being downloaded. You must unzip only the outer "BATCH_OF_#_ASSIGNMENTS" folder before continuing to the next step.

Important: Do not unzip the individually-named assignment folders inside the "BATCH_OF_#_ASSIGNMENTS" folder. They must remain in .zip format to be imported into Canvas.

  1. To import the resulting QTI file into Canvas, open your course Settings using the sidebar on the bottom left-hand side of your course page.
  2. Click Import Content into this Course, and select QTI .zip file under Content Type.
  3. Click Choose File and select one of the converted files you just created (usually saved to your Downloads folder by default). Click Import, and once the job is finished running, your content should show up under the Quizzes tab.
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